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Door Safety Inspector (DSI) Online Spring '23 Class

Meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Each online session is recorded and posted on our LMS.

Starts Tuesday February 21st, at 4 PM (Eastern)
Ends Thursday March 30th, at 7 PM (Eastern)

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Attention AHCs!

Get two certifications for the price of ONE!

Upon passing the Door Safety Inspector (DSI) certification exam, current AHCs also earn our Door Safety Consultant (DSC) certification.

Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for DSI and DSC certifications.

Got Questions? We're only an email away.

Coming Soon!

Flash cards for studying requirements for inspecting and testing of swinging fire doors!

There are fifteen (15) cards in this demo deck; only five (5) are displayed at a time. Refreshing your browser shuffles the deck. CLICK on the face of the cards to enlarge.

The Challenge: First, answer the question on the front of each card without flipping it. Next, in your copy of NFPA 80 (2016), look up all the references for each topic. When you are ready, flip the card and check your answers and references. Take the time to look up each citation in NFPA 80. 

Want more cards? The full set for NFPA 80 contains over 100 cards; it will be available soon. 

Stay tuned for more information...

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