Door Safety, LLC, is a company concentrating on developing and delivering informational resources, guidelines, training, professional certification, and tools for the purpose of installing, inspecting, testing, and maintaining egress and fire-rated door assemblies through’s online community and forums promote open discussions between all interested parties.

Code enforcement officers and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), architects and their consultants, contractors and their installers (and subcontractors), door and hardware manufacturers and suppliers, and building owners and facility management personnel have important roles in the process of designing, installing, and maintaining egress and fire doors. Door Safety Inspectors (DSIs) work with building owners and AHJs as they perform egress and fire door inspections. is dedicated to making detailed technical information regarding egress and fire doors available to people from all interest categories. Our goal is for you to make your number one informational, training, and certification resource for you and your team.

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