Opening Industry Bootcamp

(3-day program) Bootcamp provides the foundation on which all other industry learning is based. Students will learn the fundamentals of the door, frame, and hardware industry with an emphasis on industry products, their function, application, use and purpose. Student will also learn to read and interpret plans and specifications so they know what products must be provided.

Focus Programs:

Jump straight from Bootcamp into a 2-day hands on focus program!

Estimating Basics

(2-day program) Profit is important to every company, big and small. Estimators have an important role when it comes to profitability. In this course, students will build on their understanding of plans and specifications by completing  estimating exercises and bidding a project.

Detailing Basics

(2-day program) In this course, students will learn the basics of one of the most important industry processes, detailing. How do you provide the material right the first time? Return to the office with a skill they can be applied right away.

Project Management Basics (NEW!)

(2-day program) Now that you have a project, how can you assure it runs smoothly? In this course, students will learn from industry expert how to coordinate a project, how to read templates, order material and much more.

Inspection Basics

(2-day program) Not ready yet for the 5-day certification course but want to learn more about Door Safety inspections and the testing and maintenance of fire and egress doors, then this course is right up your alley.

Electromechanical Hardware Fundamentals (NEW!)

(3-day program) Nearly every project today has some type of electromechanical hardware, whether simple or complex, it is all based on some fundamental principals. This hands-on course will teach students the basics of circuitry and wiring, reading and drawing wiring diagrams and will bring them through operational based projects where they can hook-up and troubleshoot common hardware applications.

Building a Code Foundation

(3-day program) The opening industry is built on codes, your education should be built on a code foundation. This course will bring students through scenario based exercises that will teach them to navigate and apply, building, fire, life safety and accessibility codes.

Key Conference and System Design

(1-day program) A thorough understanding of mechanical keying is an important skill for the distributor, manufacturer and end user so that the required information can be communicated between all parties. This 1-day class on the Key Conference and System Design equips students with the skills and confidence to conduct a successful key meeting.


Door Safety Inspector (DSI) Training and Certification Class

(5-day program) Individuals performing NFPA 80’s door safety inspections need to have a working knowledge of the fire doors they inspect, as well as the code requirements affecting them. Door Safety Inspectors (DSI) exceed NFPA’s Qualified Person standard (for NFPA 80 and NFPA 105) and NFPA 101’s Knowledgeable Person standard for inspecting and testing egress and fire door assemblies. In this course, students will learn from practicing inspectors, how to read and interpret codes and standards, inspect and test openings for compliance, maintenance and mitigation practices and procedures and more.

Available Exams

    • 02/22/2021
    • 8:00 AM
    • 12/31/2022
    • 11:59 PM
    • Learning.DoorSafety.com (On-Demand Access)

    Access to the online live-proctored Door Safety Inspector (DSI) Certification Exam. 

    Applicants must be prequalified before enrolling in the DSI Certification Exam. Contact us for more information.

    IMPORTANT: Special registration codes need to be entered during the enrollment process. Contact us for to receive the appropriate registration codes.

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