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    Keith Pardoe

    I discovered these spring hinges on a guestroom entry door in a hotel that I stayed in on Halloween (keep reading, I’ll explain why that’s part of the story shortly). The hotel in question is less than two years old and seems to be maintained very well. Being a door guy, I noticed something was “wrong” with the door when I first opened it. Not only was there much greater resistance due to the heavy duty springs, but these spring hinges squealed and squeaked as the door opened and closed. (It was quite appropriate for Halloween!)

    Sometimes you just have to laugh; I could hear every guestroom door in the corridor open and close. (It sounded like a haunted house!)

    The picture below is a closeup of one of the hinges. There are no markings on them, which leads me to think they are not labeled for use on fire doors. While these hinges fit the hinge preps in the door frames and doors, they are not intended to be used on guestroom doors (in my opinion).

    The typical commercial spring hinges have a much more finished appearance and are labeled for use on fire doors.

    On a related note, according to the labels the door frames are 90-minute slip-on drywall frames and the doors are 90-minute rated, which is much more that the 45-minute (or possibly 20-minute) ratings that are required by code.

    Close up of spring hinges.

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