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    Keith Pardoe

    This picture came to my attention recently, which has to be filed in the “You can’t make this stuff up!” file.

    Look closely at this picture. Both of these doors are 90-minute fire rated that are arranged for automatic closing. According to the facility, which shall remain anonymous, these are “exit doors” between two separated smoke-compartments. The separation is reported to be 3-hour construction, ergo the two 90-minute door assemblies. (Two 90-minute doors do NOT equal a 3-hour assembly, but we’ll save that discussion for a little later.)

    The assumption is that these single doors are being used as horizontal exits.  The problem is that the these door directly oppose each other. In other words, the PUSH-sides of the doors face each other when closed.

    Let’s assume that both doors, independently, pass the NFPA 80 door safety inspections. The arrangement of these doors raises serious concerns regarding how these doors function in an emergency condition. Under normal conditions, the doors are held open by wall-mounted electrified door releases. It is unknown as to whether both hold-open devices are on the same or different smoke/fire/heat detection and/or fire-alarm circuits. IF they are on separate circuits, which door is released by the building systems in which suite?

    To be clear, when both doors are closed occupants in each suite need to PULL the doors open. One has to question why these doors are outfitted with fire exit hardware; it’s not required by either occupancy.

    There’s more to talk about, but I would like to know what do you think about this application before we go further.


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