Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission can be summed up in four words: Safe Doors Save Lives.

Egress and fire doors provide time for occupants to evacuate safely, or reach areas of refuge within buildings, under fire conditions. Most fire doors also serve to protect the structural integrity of buildings by containing fire and preventing it from spreading; thereby allowing time for active fire protection systems like sprinklers to work. These types of doors are specially engineered systems that are subject to stringent and rigorous testing standards; they need to be able to perform as intended.

Our Mission is to teach the people involved in designing, specifying, manufacturing, supplying, and installing egress and fire doors what they need to know for the doors to meet building code and standard requirements. Likewise, our Mission is to teach the people charged with inspecting, testing, and maintaining egress and fire doors how to properly fulfill their important role.

Safe Doors Save Lives; that says it all.


Architects, specification writers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and installers all have an important role in how egress and fire doors are installed in our buildings. Code enforcement officers have an equally important role to ensure doors are used and maintained in compliance with building, fire, and life safety codes. Building owners and facility management personnel are charged with the ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance of the egress and fire doors on their properties. Door Safety Inspectors™ (DSI™), Door Safety Technicians™ (DST™), and Door Safety Consultants™ (DSC™) each play a role in the installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of egress and fire doors.

Our long-term goal is to become the informational and training resource for all types of egress and fire doors for these constituent groups. After all, we have a vested interest in protecting the life safety of everyone who works in and visits all types of non-residential buildings. Safe Doors Save Lives.


Among the values that we hold dear, we value the life-safety of people more than anything else. In the context of egress and fire doors, life safety entails ensuring doors are maintained in working condition throughout their service lives. Fire doors need to be closed (or arranged to close) at the time of fire. Egress doors need to allow people to move through buildings or spaces to evacuate safely or reach areas of refuge until help arrives. Under normal (non-emergency) conditions, some doors need to provide security by controlling entry.

In concert with our life safety values, we highly value sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience that helps to protect all of us. Through DoorSafety.com, people have access to the information and training they need when they need it. Safe Doors Save Lives.